Investigative talent wanted!

Go for an exciting manhunt in Kreuzberg! 4 hours of pure excitement!
Investigate our new case "The Dead of the Spree"!
In the early morning a dead man was found in the Spree with a short rope at his feet.
The plan to permanently hide the body in the murky water of the Spree was obviously not successful. In his pockets there are no clues to his identity.
Was it a robbery with a fatal end or did the murderer want to cover the tracks?
Who is the dead man of the Spree and why did he die?

Be the first team who solves the case!

ermittler Try to find the witnesses and suspects. They will wait for you in mystical parks, cafes and other public buildings in Kreuzberg.
Interrogate them and make your accusations.
But be careful! Don't fall for false information. Who is telling the truth, who is lying? And above all: who has the motive for the murder?

The Rules:

Sherlock Your team will win by successfully investigating the motive and culprit first. The leading superintendent will welcome you at the location where the body was recovered and inform you about the current state of investigations. Teams will be formed, and each team will be given a mobile phone, visit cards and a map of the game area, which is in Kreuzberg with an extent of about a 3km radius. You will also be given a hint to help you find one of the witnesses. The rest is up to you!

Head Office:

zentrale You can always contact the head office using your mobile phone if you want to make enquiries about the suspects, check an alibi or criminal records.
The head office will always stay in touch with you.
If there is any more forensic information you will be informed.